maandag 25 november 2013

A new Bridge

In 1944 soldiers (for instance American, Canadian, British, Australian) 
crossed the river the Waal in little canvas boats to liberate Nijmegen.

48 of them died.

Yesterday a new bridge was opened on the same spot.
To remember those who died, every evening when it gets dark 
48 lampposts on the bridge light one by one.

Some of those veterans are guest of honour at the openingsceremony.

There was a big firework and lots of music.

Photographs: De Gelderlander

A short video about building the bridge, from start to finish

9 opmerkingen:

  1. This is absolutely incredible, and the bridge is beautiful! What an amazing opening ceremony!

  2. Wow, that bridge has a lot of history! It looks like a beautiful ceremony :) xx

  3. How wonderful to commemorate the fallen soldiers this way! The bridge looks fantastic! I love the end part in the video where they show it being moved into position :)

  4. How incredible and the bridge is beautiful. Happy weekend, dear.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful, meaningful tribute! I'm a Canadian and we learned very much war history in elementary and high school. There are some beautiful monuments where soldiers fought all over Europe. I very much hope to get to Vimy or Normandy - very significant for the Canadian regiments in WWII - perhaps when my small children are a bit older.

    Thanks for sharing this, Wilma!

    1. Correction: Vimy was a battle in WWI, at Normandy in WWII !

  6. this post makes me happy. it makes me happy that they are not forgotten and that every night they are remembered with a light shining. what a beautiful tribute to them. thank you for sharing.

  7. ps- forgot to mention that my aunt's (not my blood aunt, but my sister's godmother) brother jumped in to Nijmegen as part of market garden. He was injured but went to hospital for recovery. He was later killed in the battle of the bulge. the sacrifice of him and his like is truly inspiring. You wonder what the world would be like without them.