maandag 26 mei 2014

Last week

Last year in july I wrote a blog about the 4days marches passing my house.

Also once a year 14.000 lady's runs The Marikenloop for 5 or 10 km.

There are lots of walks and runs in our City.

This lady was the fastest

I won this book: Cat sense.
Makes me happy.

Rolf too fast for the camera.

vrijdag 9 mei 2014


Last sunday we (Marieken and I) make a little trip to Zwolle.
All about that trip you can read on her blog.

Here some pictures of the most lovely shop I had ever seen.

 In this shop the famous "Zwolse balletjes'' (small balls from Zwolle)
I never tasted them, I wanted to buy them, but unfortunately the store was closed. 

Around the center of the city is a canal.
In the past it was for defending the city.

woensdag 7 mei 2014


Sint Jacobskapel, Nijmegen

In the old town of Nijmegen a little chapel from the 15th century. The chapel (a national heritage site) functions as a place to meet for pilgrims, especially for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims come together in the monthly ecumenical service (2nd Sunday of the month) and they can get a stamp in their credential here. In the past it has also been used as the workspace of a glass blower and people used to live here. Nowadays you can also get married here and it's attic is used for expositions.

This building used to be an orphanage and was built in the 16th century.

Just one of the little streets, flowers everywhere.

vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Charlottes Web?

Did you see the movie Charlottes web?

This morning I found tiny little spiders in the yard, cosy together

A few hours later they were very busy.